The Real Alpha House

One of my fondest memories in Congress is the time I spent living on Capitol Hill with three other Members of Congress. They called us “The Roommates” and it became a big enough deal that the Wall Street Journal did an article about us. Here’s some fun memories of that time.

The Original Alpha House

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Amazon’s Alpha House

Who would believe that our house would inspire a modern day TV show? But in this case, fiction is stranger than life! Here’s the story of spending 10 hours in New York at a beautiful garden wedding complete with fake drinks, fake food, and a cast of hundreds.

The Real Alpha House Passes Onto Next Generation

It’s the end of an era in DC, where the real-life “Alpha House” shared by a rotating cast of Democratic lawmakers is being sold. Fmr. Rep. Sam Gejdenson, Fmr. Rep. Bill Delahunt and Fmr. Rep. Marty Russo join to discuss.

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