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Marty Russo

Dental Sleep Practice Magazine

Former Congressman Marty Russo adds his voice to Dental Sleep Practice on ‘How To Make A Difference In Washington.”

It has been a privilege to get involved in helping out the “Sleep Community” — a group of dental, medical, and other practitioners who care about the dangers of sleep disorders and their negative impact on health and safety.

In conjunction with several speaking engagements, this companion article appeared in an issue of Dental Sleep Magazine. Here’s an excerpt:

“I’ve spent my career in politics and government with eighteen years in the U.S. House of Representatives and twenty-two years as a top lobbyist. My message to you is that what happens in Washington matters. The best way to impact federal policy making is to get involved. You can make a difference.”

“There is a lot of activity in Washington these days around legislating and regulating sleep apnea and transportation safety. I can tell you that there are large gaps in understanding among federal policy makers regarding the latest advances in dental sleep medicine. There is no consensus among all the federal players as to how to best approach the issue of sleep apnea…The good news is that this lack of consensus gives you an opportunity to have your voice heard.”

One of the most wonderful things about speaking to groups is that I get to hear about issues that are important to people. Getting involved with the Sleep Community to help them be heard in Washington has been particularly gratifying.